Sunday, July 25, 2010

Military protocols

As you head south from Denver (or north from Pueblo), you pass through the lush country around Colorado Springs. To the west of the freeway are rolling hills and a beautiful pine forest. If you are paying attention, you'll see an iconic building that represents one of the United States' military academies (universities)-- the Air Force Academy. It's nestled back against the mountains amid other buildings that you would expect to see on a university campus-- dorms, classroom buildings, etc. It's the Cadet Chapel, built in 1963 and used daily on campus.

We caught a glimpse of the campus and this unique building as we made our way to Philment. As we headed home, we ran into heavy traffic at Colorado Springs. Deciding that our time would be just as well spent checking out the Academy as sitting on the freeway with the engine idling, we pulled off and made our way the 5 or so miles to the campus. Because the Academy is a military installation, our vehicle was inspected as we entered. The guard saw nothing to be concerned about, apparently, but she did ask "What's all that under the tarp on the trailer?" I replied, "Sleeping bags, camp chairs, suitcases, etc." I guess our pedestrian appearance and our slightly haggard look must have confirmed that we had just spent a week out of doors, so my answer satisfied her and she waved us through. The Draney family is no threat to national security apparently.
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