Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Raptor report

1/250sec, f/5.0, ISO: 200, 250mm
Next weekend is Draney Camp. One of the things we always do is have an afternoon of paintball-- the weekend welting. Jacob got a paintball marker for his birthday this year and he's been dying to try it out, so we drove over to the other side of the canyon to some public land that people use for this type of thing. We wandered around a bit looking for a good spot away from other people. When we came to a halt in a little swale, we looked out the window and saw this beautiful bird perched on a rock. I just had time to get the telephoto lens on the camera before it took off and flew away. I was able to get 8 or 10 shots, including the above. Anybody know precisely what kind of bird this is?

We then proceeded to the purpose of our trip-- shooting up the landscape with paintballs (not to worry-- they're biodegradable). Jacob came away even more excited for next week. It'll be fun.
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Clint Carter said...

That sounds like fun. I should invest in a paintball gun.

Clint Carter said...

I don't know what type of bird that is, but I know it is hunting mice. There are TONS of mice over there on the north side of the canyon.

Clark Draney said...

Yes, indeed. We saw hundreds. Are they mice or are they voles? Times News had that article a couple of days ago about voles. Just curious.