Saturday, July 24, 2010

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One of the benefits of having most of the summer off is that I have large swaths of time with the kids. Catie and I have been spending some quality time together in the early mornings. She gets up not long after the sun comes up, and I'm often up at that hour for personal time, so we've had some good talks and play. We have our breakfast together, and she tells me which "foofie" (movie) she wants to watch. We read a book together and then she settles in with Monsters, Inc. or something while I study. It's good, quality time.

I found this picture from several years ago of her tiny little feet. I usually don't like flash pictures; I prefer natural ambient lighting for most scenes. In this shot, however, I like the interplay between the flash-illuminated foreground and the light coming through the blinds. Even the reflection in the upper left adds a bit of intrigue, I think.

Even though this picture was actually taken in late fall, for me it represents the summer mornings with my beautiful daughter. (And no, I'm not wrapped around her little finger-- not in the least.)

Happy Saturday, everyone. May you have some sweet summer mornings with your loved ones soon.
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