Monday, July 19, 2010

Lost and found

#1 When we put our house on the market a while ago (I'm not going to say how long ago, but suffice it to say that we caused the housing crash by trying to sell our house), we packed up a bunch of stuff and stuck it in the shed so as to make the house look roomier. One of the things we packed up was the majority of our DVD collection. A while back, I dug most of them out (we ARE a movie-watching family, after all), but I didn't find the box with the M*A*S*H DVDs (and a few other movies). I looked a long time for them, but never did run on to them. I started to think that I had left the shed unlocked one night and someone had snagged them. I was kinda sad about it, but life moves on-- you know.

#2 In February 2009 I went to Seattle for some training for the accreditation report I was to help write for the college. When I got back, I couldn't find my driver's license. I searched my luggage carefully, called the airline, called the hotel, checked the car-- everything. No luck. Eventually I ponied up the $30 (or whatever) to get a duplicate license.

#3 Last summer, after we got back from Draney Camp, I remember using my Leatherman for some yardwork and little jobs around the house. I put it down in a strange spot, I thought, and I didn't see it again. It seemed to vanish, and no one had a clue about where it went.

#4 Keri and I got iPhones in February. One of the cool things about the earbuds that come with the iPhone is that they come with a combination microphone/remote. (If you're rockin' out to Flock of Seagulls or Planet P and your agent calls you about that spot in a Tide commercial, you won't have to unplug.) Within a week of getting our new phones, my microphone/remote earbuds went AWOL. Now, the story about earbuds in our house is that everyone wants some and no one keeps track of their own, so mine go missing quite often. This time, however, even monetary bribes didn't bring my "special" buds to the surface. Keri very kindly offered to let me use hers-- pretty much on a permanent basis (she's that way about everything-- selfless and considerate).

Since you noted the title of this post, you have no doubt figured out by now where I'm going with all this. It strains credibility, but all four of these items turned up in our house today within a couple of hours. All four! What are the odds?

Mentally, I'm still doing a little dance of joy. The universe is a little tidier tonight with these small mysteries solved. Pretty cool thing, eh?
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Mark Brown said...

Fate smiles on you. Or the patron saint of lost stuff.

Clint Carter said...

Did you find them all in the same spot? We are still missing a curling iron, a toaster, headphones and an ipod. Maybe they are at your house.