Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catie cargo

Keri called me into the bedroom yesterday. "Where's Catie?" she said?

We were packing for Keri to go to girls camp and for the rest of us to go to Draney Camp '10. Catie decided to stow away with Mom, I guess. She was folded neatly into this none-too-large gym bag.

Speaking of girls camp, Keri left this morning. In fact, she should be arriving at camp before too long here (it's about 12:45PM as I write this). I hope she has some real fun-- relaxing, invigorating, rejuvenating-- all the things I've enjoyed about scout camp. She'll be home on Friday afternoon.

We, on the other hand, will be home on Saturday night. It's just me and 5 kids--- affectionately known as "the hoard." We're finishing up a few chores today, and then we'll pack up and head for Utah tomorrow. Tomorrow night is a reunion of folks from the SLICC (Salt Lake Institute Concern Choir). That's where Keri and I met-- that and Dr. Ragsdale's inorganic chemistry class.

After the reunion it's on to Neola. Then Thursday morning, not too long after the sun lifts its corpuscular head above the Uintahs, we'll be on our way to Whiterocks Canyon and some relaxation and welting. We're hoping for less rain than the forecast officially calls for.

The Twin Falls Draneys are responsible for dinner on Thursday night. I have my plans. I hope they turn out. We did a test run on Sunday. The kitchen version was pretty darn good. Hopefully the camp stove version will be as good.

Speaking of camping food, what is your favorite, easy, inexpensive camp dessert (besides S'mores)? Any good ideas?
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