Sunday, July 18, 2010

High on a mountaintop

1/30 sec, f/3.8, ISO 280, 24mm

Keri and I hoped for a beautiful sunrise at the end of this early (EARLY) morning hike. The clouds precluded that, but it was a wonderful hike nonetheless. It's called Lover's Leap, and behind us there, the cliff drops off some 200 feet (or more). Keri loves me, to be sure, but she's really holding on to me in well-disguised terror.

We started this hike in the pitch black at 4:30AM. We were on the mountaintop (or at least to Lover's Leap-- the mountain goes much higher) by about 5:10. We hoped the sun would break through, but it never quite did.  It was not a difficult hike-- just hard enough to make it feel like a bit of an accomplishment.

This was Thursday, July 8th, the last full day of Philmont.
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