Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photo #5 (counting only 'new' ones)

I might just come up with clever titles for the various posts in this little project...

and then again I might not. This is pic #5 since Jan 1.

I was in an accreditation meeting all morning, then working through 99,000 edits on the document we've been crafting. Beyond that, I need to get a few things done on upcoming classes but I couldn't quite make the mental shift "just like that." Jette, the person I share an office with, often suggests an outdoors walk to clear the mind and refresh the spirit, so I grabbed the ole D90 and headed out. It was sunny, but quite chilly, so I didn't stay long. I did see this on my walk-about, though.

1/500s, f11, ISO 200 70.0mm
Should I edit out the lens flare?

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Fraser's and Co. said...

nope... leave it. It gives it depth

Clint Carter said...

lens flare needs one more dot

Jette said...

I like the way the lens flare leads the eye to the flags.