Monday, January 11, 2010

Do the hustle

Keri and I chaperoned at the disco-themed regional youth dance Saturday night. One of the featured events of the evening was a couple from our ward teaching the kids "The Hustle." Some of the kids got in to it. Others ... um... didn't.

Which of you, dear readers, know what "The Hustle" is without the help of Google? Bonus points of you can DO it. :-)

And no, I did not wear polyester.
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Clint Carter said...

Sorry, I do not know what the hustle is or how to do it. I'm sure if I saw the hustle I would go, "oh ya, I've seen that before, it's Groovy".

Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

Yes, I am ancient enough to know what the hustle is because I watched Soul Train when I was a kid. Have I done it? Only like the kids in the pic, self consciously and in the wrong decade.