Friday, January 29, 2010

Expanding the corral

It's been a few days (more than a week) since I last contributed to this photo project I embarked on. Lucky I didn't try the 365 thing, right? Life has been far too hectic. (I know, I know... everybody's busy... Cry me a river... (or I should cry you one))

Anyway, I have had a few people ask me about more formal portrait work and I don't really have the equipment for that right now, but I though maybe a second flash would allow me to try some new things. I picked up a second SB-600, Nikon's affordable, but very versatile speedlight. I was messing around with it last night. Here's a shot of Cameron, mugging for ya'll. Key flash is behind the camera, bounced off white ceiling, fill flash on entertainment thingie, pointed right at the back of Cam's head. Smart alex expression optional. :)

1/60s, f5.0, 50mm, ISO: 1600
(ISO=1600 (completely unnecessary with the flashes) because I forgot to reset the camera after taking some picture of the temple in the fog that morning-- a reminder to ALWAYS reset all camera setting back to your default preferences whenever you pick the thing up.)
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Clint Carter said...

I wish I knew what all of the little numbers and letters meant underneath the pictures. It would probably help me take better pictures. Then again, I am sure my cheap-o camera wouldn't allow me to fiddle around with those settings anyway. You can tell that I am less then a novice photographer.

Jette said...

A charming photo!