Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sock orphans and library books

Our house has a black hole. Yours does too, I suspect. Most houses do. It's that mysterious place where single socks, car keys, the case for that DVD that's been sitting on the TV for 3 weeks, and library books go. Our black hole has sucked up  two Twin Falls public library books that need to be returned tomorrow. I'd sure like to know the secret of the darn thing. 

I'm the kind of person that has a hard time letting such things go. I want to resolve this library book thing before I go on to the next task, whatever it may be. Until our "account" with the library is clear, I'm going to be obsessing about it. Where are those &^%$ books?

Of course the crazy, maddening thing is that they were right here on the computer desk just a few days ago. We have multiple witnesses to that effect. So where did they go?

We've had a couple of nice rainshowers this week. Things are sure green around here. More about the garden etc. soon.

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Clint Carter said...

The black hole at our house has absconded with a curling iron, toaster, several books and one MP3 player. I'm sure several socks and shirts are lurking in the back recesses of is churning vortex.