Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shoshone Falls - June 09

Three years ago Shoshone Falls ran at a record rate of nearly 18,000 cubic feet per second. The park at the falls set a record for attendance as people flocked from all over the West to see this historic site. We regretted that no one in our immediate family was close enough to see it.

This year's incredibly wet spring has contributed to another banner year for runoff in the Snake River aquifer. Even though officials had already emptied Palisades more than half way to make room for increased runoff, they had to make more room. As a result, the falls are running very high again this year. They're running even higher than 3 years ago, some 20,000 cubic feet per second, the highest flow since the '80s (I think). Happily, Mom is here to see it. We went to the falls last night for family night.

It was a bit warm for the first little while, but as the sun set the temps dipped and got very comfortable. We enjoyed strolling around, looking at birds and insects, and snapping pics of the kids here and there.

All three of these pics were taken this year.

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