Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fathers and Sons '09

What would happen if we threw a party and everyone came... and so did the rain? We have the party anyway.

The last time I went to Camp Murtaugh with the scouts in fall '07 it rained buckets. In fact, the news reported that the rainfall that day was a record for the date. During the night I kept pulling more and more of our stuff on to the air mattress to keep it "dry." We were an island in the middle of a swamp by morning. It took about a week for everything to dry out once we got home.

The stake held its Fathers and Sons activity this past weekend at Camp Murtaugh and, you guessed it, we had record rainfall for the date. AND one of our tent poles broke in the wind. As a result our tent was more like a funnel, directing the water directly on to our heads while we "slept."

Then we got up and ate breakfast in the rain. We actually had a reprieve from the rain for about an hour which was just enough time to set up the tables etc. for cooking breakfast. By the time folks were eating, however, it was pouring again.

This is what we call "fun."

Things will be dry in about a week.

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Clint Carter said...

I wimped out Friday night and went into town. I came back in the morning pretending that I stayed all night long. Good for you that you stuck it out.