Friday, June 19, 2009

Florida bachelor party

Friday, June 12th, was Day 2 of the AP reading. My roommate, Kelly Moylan (who I know from graduate school), and I went to the Daytona Cubs game after a day of reading a bazillion essays. We ate hot dogs and peanuts, made friends with some folks from the area (the dad kept hinting broadly that his single daughter and Kelly would make a good couple), watched the Cubs beat the Fort Meyers Miracle into the mud...

...and we saw these guys.

Their shirts read "There is absolutely no excuse for the way I'm about to act."

Turns out they were at the game for a bachelor party. Here's the groom, participating in a burrito eating contest.

Which one of them is the groom, you ask? The guy on the right, of course. The one whose shirt reads "Groom." He won the contest, of course.

Only in Florida... land of a million retirees.

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