Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lazy Summer Morning

Keri got up a while ago to take Cameron to Day Camp. I didn't get up, but I was pretty much awake, so I grabbed a book and read for a while. Then, when the book got boring, I switched over to TV. Spongebob isn't too bad in the morning when your mind is mush anyway.

Eventually, Colton came along and crawled into bed with me and we snuggled for a few minutes.

I finally got up about an hour ago and had my bowl of raisin bran (trying be healthy for once--especially after the wonderful Father's Day meal and leftovers), and read email and facebooked for a few minutes.

Cate and Cole are now sitting in front of the fan, listening to their voices waver. Josh got a couple of chores done without being asked, so when he asked if he could play Wii, I said yes. Jake is actually up before noon today, so we'll count that as a good harbinger.

I think I might go to the library later and pay that fine. That'll clear the day for some real work.

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