Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunny Days and Mondays

If there was ever a perfect spring day in Idaho, today was that day. 69 degrees, fluffy clouds, light breeze, greening grass, students who come to class prepared. What more can a body ask for? (contented sigh)

I wouldn't exactly say that the lame meeting I endured this afternoon ruined it either. In fact, I was so happy to be going back out into the sunshine that I was only mildly annoyed that the fellow I was meeting with was absolutely unprepared for the meeting and therefore wasted nearly an hour of my time. 


Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

Perfect day, hah! I drove home from Massachusetts in terrible weather, and it's supposed to snow here tonight. You lucky Idahoans.

Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

Don't worry about ignoring me. You've been busy with the rich and famous and eating Chinese food.