Sunday, April 26, 2009

Success at last

Take a look. The dishwasher is IN!

Saturday, April 25: Keri left the house before 7AM to administer a Praxis exam at the testing center. I tried to snooze a few more minutes, but by 7:30 I was up and going. After just four (4) trips to the hardware store, around 2:00PM, we ran our first load of dishes in this little beauty. Who knew that could be so much fun!

The new cabinets nearly double the storage space in this tiniest-of-all-Idaho-kitchens. The cabinets will have doors after Keri's Dad makes them. He made the existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts, so we asked him to make them to match. 

In other homefront news, our grass is probably the greenest it will be all year. I should post a picture of that soon. To really appreciate the success we've had with the grass you should have seen the weed patch we had when we moved in. The grass still needs to fill in in a few spots, but it's coming along.
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Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

Nice! I was wondering if you'd pinned yourself under it :)