Monday, April 27, 2009

Does it ruin your image of me as a handyman if I tell you that there's water in my basement?

Yup. The fancy way I installed the drain for the dishwasher lets water from the washing machine back up in to places it shouldn't be. I've temporarily plugged that hole, but I've gotta come up with something better. Sigh.

Trip #5! to the hardware store. 


Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

Dear Clark,
Here's my reaction:

read the post
felt guilty for laughing
laughed some more
read the post again
typed this comment while chuckling
and feeling guilty

So, no it doesn't ruin anything. It goes into the "why academics hire people" file. I wish I had some pictures of me rebuilding stairs and/or living without a sink for days while I waited for a friend to have enough time to finish a plumbing job I'd started.

What's your next project?

Clint Carter said...

If you have a bucket of pipe fittings, you are more of a handyman than I am.