Sunday, April 5, 2009

No more funky dive

Hey... guess what, Mark.... That funky dive of a Chinese place is closed. No more Buddha food.

We went to the Maple Garden instead. The building used to house a Der Wienerschnitzel, and they have 4 gigantic life koi in a pond in the waiting area. Funky enough for us? You bet. And the szechuan chicken was excellent!


Mark Brown said...

Aw, man. I hate it when that happens. There can always be other Chinese dives - but that was OUR Chinese dive, you know?

I'm glad at least that there's some kind of replacement. We have at least two divey Chinese places nearby. Come visit for a conference or something and I'll treat.

Clark Draney said...

You're right. It was a NULC tradition to take a picture under the Buddha. I guess we could still drop by for a picture, but it seems kinda silly if the place is boarded up.