Saturday, March 10, 2012

I hope he believes it...

As a result a bit of contrariness and disobedience, one of our children had to do a "good habit" card today. The card read: write ten self-affirmations and read them aloud.  Here are the qualities he wrote about himself:
  1. artistic
  2. imaginative
  3. curious
  4. playful
  5. tries best
  6. smart
  7. cooperative (hmmm-- see the reason for the card above)
  8. obedient (double hmmm)
  9. likes games
  10. likes sport
I hope he believes these things. And I hope I don't do things that cause him to believe otherwise.

He is smart and imaginative and all those other things. I'm glad he thinks of them when he thinks about who he is. 

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