Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Grading Avoidance"

One of my former posts-- actually a draft of a post that I never posted because my blog (not this one) had a hiccup and my draft dissappeared-- was a very funny, very insightful commentary on the kinds of things that teachers to do avoid grading. I really doubt that I can pull off a repeat performance, but I did notice today that a number of my colleagues and friends are posting little bloggy things which mention the fact that papers await. And they do-- they wait, patiently but insistently. 

Instead of grading, I:
  • got a haircut,
  • cleaned my office,
  • spent 15 minutes lamenting college politics and policy changes with colleagues,
  • organized "collected works" folders for students whose OA papers received NP (not proficient) marks from readers,
  • composed a informational document about NULC (the National Undergraduate Literature Conference) to recruit students' literary criticism and creative works for said conference,
  • read 15-20 posts on WPA-L about wierd things that happen on campuses (including teeth mailings and a persistent spitter).
Before I get to the grading I plan to:
  • write an overdue letter of recommendation for a student,
  • review and make suggestions on a "statement of purpose" for another student,
  • write a final exam for my 101 students,
  • get a bite to eat (finally).
In fact, I think I'll go eat now. 

What are you doing to avoid work today?

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