Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peetie's tag

Peetie tagged me (indirectly, I guess-- I saw this on her blog). Go to your pictures folder. Post the third picture in the third folder.

I cheated though, because the third picture in the third folder was of the RSJHS 7th Grade Girlds Basketball team. None of you care to see that, I wager.

Jake put this together for a school project about his family. It even shows Lilly, the pill dog.
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Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

That's so cool -- makes me wish I had a pictures folder, or even a camera.
Happy grading!
10 to go!

Peetiedy said...

It is okay to cheat. I needed to erase some bad pics to even get one that you could tell what it was. It was a folder that I hadn't cleaned out yet. So once cleaned out. I took the 3rd pic. So I kinda cheated too.