Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Lilly! Back!"

"Lilly! Back!"

That's what Caitlin said when she got home from school and saw this little cutie. Her name (we finally concluded, after much agonizing and discussion) is actually "Sammie," but to Catie, she's her long lost dog returned.

About 6 weeks ago, Cate started including our little dog, Lilly, (the one who was killed in January) in her recitations of who is in our family. It's been kind of touching and sad. Cate just simply insists that Lilly is still part of our family (and I guess she is, if you believe in resurrection for animals). We've been planning to get a new dog since Lilly died, but waiting until we could dog-proof our very porous fence (which still hasn't happend, but will have to soon, of course).

Yesterday, I was in a meeting in Boise and I got a text from Keri asking if she could buy this dog. A neighbor was selling the pups from a litter born in August, and this was the last little girl doggie. Part of Keri's text read, "Pllllleeeeeaaaaasssseee!!!!!" How could I resist?

Sammie's had her dewclaws removed, her first shots, and she's mostly house trained. Seems like a pretty good deal.

So, Catie and I both came home to a new little dog at our house. We've all been missing Lilly (and we still do), but this is one cute dog, and we are having some fun getting to know her.
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