Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Keri and I took the family to Rexburg on the 7th to help celebrate the birth of her nephew's newest child. It was a fun day with family, and I ate WAY too much food at the luncheon. That's another story, though.

On the way home from Rexburg, we saw Old Glory streaming in the wind in Rigby, with the setting sunlight gleaming from behind. Old Glory - streaming and gleaming.

I cropped this version to 16:10 which is just right (or pretty close) for you folks who have widescreen monitors. Feel free to use this as your wallpaper for a few days, if you like.

If you are wondering about my title, let's just say that the power behind the throne should always be the people-- the voice and will of the people who care deeply about doing what they believe is right. Thanks, Mom, for helping me understand what this beautiful flag stands for.

And a belated thank you to the women and men who have served, and fought, and died to keep us free.
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Clint Carter said...

Great Shot. It's going on my desktop.

Clark Draney said...

I was thinking of you when I posted this, Clint. :)

tahreem96 said...

Well, said!!