Thursday, May 27, 2010

I can't concentrate

Actually, my problem is more than I'm bouncing around from one book to the next without finishing anything. I guess I'm looking for that captivating read that sucks me right in and holds on until the end. You know the kind.

Actually, I started The Beekeeper's Apprentice last night and it's looking promising.

I promised to read Life of Pi, and Interred with Their Bones. They're still on the docket, but pushed back a bit, I guess.

And of course there are the several recommendations from my friends. I'll stop by the library a bit later to get those too.

Ah, summer (though you wouldn't know it from Idaho's weather these days).


Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

I'm still working on Everything is Illuminated, but I'm finding that after reading for my creative writing class, grading stuff for my business writing class, and teaching four days in a row I wind up watching The Wire after my nightly walk. I thought my t.v. addiction would end when we (the LOST Tribe as we liked to call ourselves) wrapped up that show Sunday. It appears that as long as there's Netflix I can find a new vice.
Which reminds me of Big Love, the show, which reminds me to tell you that I'm going Hill Cumorah (stop laughing Clark) this summer.

Clark Draney said...

Hill Cumorah, the pageant? Cool.

Orson Scott Card wrote it, didja know?

Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

It looks beautiful on the website.