Saturday, May 29, 2010


I don't know why society has somehow decided that every achievement of any size or shape has to be celebrated as if it were the discovery of the Salk vaccine. It is a celebration that these beautiful kids have completed their first year of formal education, but let's not call it a graduation, please. They have 12 years to go, for crying out loud. They're the class of 2022!

Anyway, diatribe about celebrating mediocrity aside, it does kind of melt your heart when your daughter lights up like this when she sees her parents! THAT is worth celebrating.
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Mark Brown said...

That is some powerful, powerful cuteness.

Clint Carter said...

I agree with the argument that graduating from Kindergarten is a little over the top. I do, however, like the picture.

Peetiedy said...

I love this picture. She is Beautiful.

Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

My kids were in school when all this "celebrate everything" stuff was just starting. Like you and Clint I too think it's a bit much, but I have to say the pics that result from these events might just be worth it. I remember when that little cutie was born.