Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scout Camp approacheth

Okay, let's tap the collective wisdom of this social network...

I'm off to scout camp with two boys next week. (Keri will have her niece here to help with the heavy lifting. Thank you Anne.) Last year I made a short list of things I was glad I had at camp and a few things I wish I'd had. Here are my lists:

I'm glad I had:
  1. Shade (awnings, umbrellas, tarps)
  2. A cot
  3. Extra socks and shoes
  4. One rain poncho (for Jacob)
  5. Camera
  6. Scriptures
  7. Word games (for fire side)
  8. Reading material (work and leisure)
I wish I'd had:
  1. Something to repel no-see-ums (they were legion last year!)
  2. Another rain poncho (for me)
  3. A small mirror
  4. LONG, warm socks
  5. Antihistamine lotion (a la Caladryl)
  6. After-bite stick
  7. more than 3 pairs of pants
  8. Short, short haircut
Here's my question for the cloud of human computers out there (all 3 of you who read my posts): What are the essential, but rarely thought of, things one should take to camp? Assume that all the standard stuff like toothbrush, pocket knife, comb, etc. are already packed. What nice little item turns out to be indispensable?

Part of my inspiration for this post comes from the most recent issue of Wired in which Scott Adams's spasmodic dysphonia (check it out, cool article) is explored in some depth. The part of that article that relates to this little post is the part about the DUH (Dilbert Ultimate House, or something like that). Adams gathered ideas for his cooler-than-cool house from the human cloud, including a Christmas tree closet, an additional laundry room on the second floor (where all the bedding and clothing is anyway), and cat walkways (and, in fact, a room for the cat).

Anyway, give me your best ideas-- stuff I wouldn't think of on my own.

with bated breath...


Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

a hotel

Peetiedy said...

For me tissue and my allergy meds.
Also we always have a med kit with bandaids, and other helpful things.
A hat is a must. I like to keep a little notebook to press flowers or leaves that I might find and like.

Clint Carter said...

wet wipes
deck of cards

Clark Draney said...

I'll be wishing for a hotel after about 3 days, I suspect. Thanks for the laugh, Pat.

Thanks, Peetie and Clint for the other good ideas. I've added a few things to "the list."