Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Off to Boston

I hope I'll be able to get some fun pictures of Boston. I'm going there for a couple of days to learn about Pearson's MyCompLab-- an online writing space.

Today I've got to get a couple of lawns mowed, some clothes washed, a few technical things sent to Pearson in advance of the conference, and figure out if I need to take a computer. If I take a computer, I can blog from the road. If I don't, I have less to schlep on the plane. What to do?

More soon.


Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

Jeez Clark, Boston! I don't wanna sound like a snooty pants . . . but try to remember that while eastern cities are old and cruddy (and not all that charming) they do have a special sumthin. How do ya like those narrow streets? There are wider alleys in Twin Falls. I hope you eat some seafood.

Clark Draney said...

(This is his wife, Keri) He forgot to mention he's staying in a 5 star hotel. Do I sound bitter and jealous? That's because I am. While he's gone I get to go backpacking (not to be confused with just hiking. I'll be carrying everything I'll need on my back). I will be going with a few other adults and about 10 teenage girls for 3 days. I have no experience with this sort of camping and am a lot nervous about it. But enjoy your trip to Boston, sweetheart, I really mean it.
Oh, and I did the laundry. I do some things around here, too.

Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

Five stars! Is some literacy cartel paying for this excursion? Keri, I hope your camping goes well. Ten teenage girls and backpacking -- I can't quite wrap my brain around that one. Good luck.