Friday, November 7, 2008

Single Daddin' it

Keri is taking a road trip with a friend to see a friend this weekend, so it's just me and five kids. (deep breath)

and we're having fun...

No. . . really. . . it's been fun so far. I worked today so Jake and Josh took care of the kiddos. I was happy to find a clean house and live, happy babes when I got home tonight. They did well. The possiblity of getting paid for babysitting all day probably had nothing to do with it.

I'm sure they got their fair share of TV, Wii, Poptropica, and whatever else they could find while the padres were away (I used to make myself gigantic glasses of chocolate milk when I was home alone, or else I'd make a couple of quarts of lemonade Kool-Aid and drink the whole thing so I wouldn't have to share), but, as I said, the house was pretty clean and there were no scorch marks nor bleeding.

I got out from under a stack of essays today (por fin), and the good news is that I only have about 50 to go. Then, I get another stack on Monday. It's a never-ending story, but that's my job and I find satisfaction and a kind of joy in it-- even the parts that are hard. (Give me a medal . . . I know.)

I'm doing a family portrait session tomorrow for some friends who moved to Boise last year. I hope the weather holds. It's been such a nice, mild fall. Aside from that freak snowstorm a month or so ago, I think it's been one of the warmest falls in quite a while.

I missed my regular temple session this week due to illness. I wonder if I can squeeze in a session tomorrow, early.

BTW, they call this style of blogging, stream of conscientiousness.

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