Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A day off... now and then

Veteran's Day is a good day to have off. The students love having any day off so we'll just leave them out of this one. I'm sure they respect the sacrifices of our veterans as much as anyone, but today most of them are either catching up on homework or getting further behind on homework (because they're getting sloshed and won't be in class tomorrow). Maybe.

I spent the day doing a bunch of stuff that I haven't managed to fit in lately. Namely: grading essay exams from the online Brit Lit course, updating scores in Blackboard (99 clicks to do any single thing-- you know how it is), getting a new battery for the minivan (Keri did this one, but I set it all up for her-- called the shop, haggled the price, made the appointment, etc.), getting new tires for the beater (just 2 new tires, mind you-- can't quite spring for 4, and the ones on the back aren't in bad shape), getting a haircut, making children do yesterday's homework, finishing an order for a photography client, taking an order from another client, taking the Snakeriver Council 2009 calendar to the stake so they can finish their 2009 calendar, and etc. (Phew!) I even managed to grade a few essays from the Mythology course. Who knows, I may even get caught up with essay grading by the time the next batch comes in on the 25th.

All of the above is to say that a day "off" once in a while is a good thing. It restores a sort of balance to the system of my life-- allowing me to behave as if there really were 8 days in the week once in a while. And dont' we wish there were 8 days in the week. But only if just 7 of them were scheduled.

How was your Veteran's Day?

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