Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Whose temple is it?

This image is the wallpaper for my computer desktop right now. I like this picture because it represents something that I didn't even realize I was feeling until I took the picture.

The closest you could get to the temple during its construction was to drive by on Eastland Drive or to stand outside the fence. That's understandable, of course. The contractors don't need a bunch of silly, curious civilians mucking up the site. The net effect, however, has been to leave me (at least) feeling like the temple wasn't yet mine.

When I stood on the spot where I took that photograph I realized that I was taking ownership of the temple. It was becoming my temple-- the one where I will worship and draw close to God. Standing on that spot, where I couldn't stand before, looking at the beautiful landscaping and the inspiring architecture, I realized how much I am looking forward to using this temple as I have never quite used a temple before--regularly, often, with devotion and dedication.

Now it remains for me to live up to that idea.

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