Monday, August 11, 2008

a second Dark Knight

Keri and I escaped the house for a little while the other night and saw The Dark Knight for a second time. The first time we saw it the experience was a little . . . annoying. That first time there were some 200 people in the theater... and 215 cell phones--every one of which was on and blazing away. The theater inexplicably had a freakin' INTERMISSION halfway through the movie. It was also quite hot in the theater--too many bodies hopped up on energy drinks (how do they smuggle those immense cans in to the theater?) and not enough A/C.

Anyway, we tucked the kiddies in to bed, told Jake (our 12 year old) that we had the cell phone, and snuck off to Burley to try out the stadium theater. On the way over I kept thinking that it was crazy to drive all the way to Burley to see a movie we've already seen. Happily, I was wrong.

The theater is nicer than any of the theaters in Twin Falls. Stadium seating, nicer seats (with cup holders and movable arm rests), really magnificent sound, etc. The price was right, too-- a couple of bucks less than the plain jane theaters in Twin. Even the concessions were less expensive. A combo-- popcorn, drink, and candy-- was less than a drink and popcorn here at home, and they were refillable (not the candy, I guess ;-) ). If we were to car pool with another couple, it'd turn out to be a wash on $$. In other words, I think we may make the trip more often.

Anyway, I was glad to see the movie in a more comfortable setting-- without the inexcusable intermission.It's been reviewed to death by those much more qualified than me, but I found it powerful and symbolic and one that I can probably rewatch a few times. The stuff about anarchy and chaos is quite thought-provoking. Sounds a bit familiar, in fact.

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