Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween haunting

Technically speaking, tomorrow is Halloween, of course. Our ward (and the adjacent 7th ward) had a "trunk or treat" tonight, however, so we did our sucrose reveling a day early. The kids had some fun dressing up and overdosing on processed sugar. I had some fun taking pictures of them after we got home. 

And I posted my semi-monthly blog entry.
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Clint Carter said...


Clark Draney said...

Well... I posted twice in October. Is that "semi-monthly" enough?


Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

Hey Clark,
Cool pics. And you're doing better than me at keeping up the blog. Murphy's New York a Go Go 2 is languishing. Maybe I should upload stuff from my first blog and change dates and names. I'm glad you posted because I thought maybe your kindleization of the general conference stuff had landed you in exile or something even worse, like New Jersey.

My Halloween involved watching kids walk by my house to go around the corner and congregate near the firehouse. I went to the fiance's house and helped him give out candy. I also broke the news to him last night that I think his new house may be haunted -- this from the most totally un-specter-believing person I know.

Now it's on to the next holiday! Let's hope we're all up to the challenge. What did you name the kindle?