Friday, August 13, 2010

Lucious Lawn

I was outside yesterday mowing and trimming and etc. when this fellow walks by. "Are you the new owner then?" he says. "Um, no," I say, "We've lived here for six years." (It was six years exactly on Tuesday, in fact.) "Oh," he says, "Well... you've certainly improved the yard recently. I assumed it was because you had just moved in." "Um, thanks," I say. (I haven't changed anything except the watering scheme. I guess green grass really makes a difference.)

This picture is a little bit deceiving because there's actually a fair amount of weeds you can't see from this angle. It is true, however, that our lawn has never been this green this late in the season. I have finally figured out a fairly good watering scheme (involving timers and hoses and the like-- because we still don't have an in-ground system).

Don't look too closely though. No flowers this year.
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Clint Carter said...

Let me know your system. I'm using hoses too and still get brown spots on the lawn. If you have uncovered the secret of green lawns without automatic sprinklers, I'm all ears.