Monday, August 23, 2010

And so it starts (again)

Here we go again, folks. Classes begin today. Are you ready? I'm not.

Well... I am, sort of. When Colton (our youngest) came in at 4:14 needing some attention, I felt that old familiar feeling in my gut-- that nervousness that indicates I'd better step up and get to work. Now what I mean is that if I go in to something feeling calm and comfortable, I usually make a wreck out of it. Too much confidence means I don't pay the price to be ready, to teach well. A little twinge in the stomach, however, indicates that I need to sit down, study it out, and do my best. That approach much more often leads to a successful outcome.

So, after I took care of Colton and got back into bed, I lay there for a few minutes thinking about what I need to do today-- what needs to be done to be ready for class at 10AM. After about 3.5 minutes of that, I just went ahead and got up.

It's been a good morning. I've gotten a lot done already and I'm eager for the rest of the "to do" list.

How's your day so far?


Clint Carter said...

I feel beat up already and it is only Monday Morning. Our dog broke his elbow in 3 places and will need a $1600 surgery. Not fun.

Clark Draney said...

OUCH!! Both for you and for the pooch. Sorry to hear this.

DeShawn Smith said...

No matter how many times I taught a particular class (Developmental Math at Utah Valley University), I would still have that same twinge that you were talking about. I agree--it makes you make sure that you're really ready to teach.

My younger son gets a full set of braces this morning... Fun.