Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The tall, gangly things..

What did you call this game? You know... the one where you try to drag your opponent off their grip with your legs? Jacob (L) and Josh were playing this game for a second yesterday, but it didn't last long because they are both tall enough that they basically drag the ground anyway. The more amazing thing is that they actually allowed me to take a picture. Their usual tactic is to dodge out of the frame and run away.

Here's a picture of all five of our brood. L to R: Cate, Jake, Cole, Josh, and Cam.

Our Memorial Day was EXTREMELY relaxed. I don't think the house even stirred until around 9:30AM. We wandered over to the store around 1PM, then prepared a leisurely lunch (very late lunch) around 4PM. We ate on the deck (no need for shade--the cool cloud cover was sweet), and then drifted over to Thomsen Park around 5:30. After a couple of hours of hanging out and tossing a baseball around, we met up with the Arringtons who shared their FHE treat with us (delicious S'mores bars). Finally, after shooing Cameron out of the creek, we came home for a water fight and root beer floats. Sounds like a pretty nice day to me.

Bonus points if you know the movie my title comes from.
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Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

Sounds like a pretty nice day to me too. I'm glad you're back on the blog "pony". I have no clue what the movie is, nor do I know the name of that contest of leg strength prowess. I live a very sheltered life, you know.

Clint Carter said...

I don't know the movie title but the name of the hanging game is "Hang Tough".

Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

Apparently in central New York the game is called monkey legs.

Clay N Suni said...

The Parent Trap :) I'm all over anything Disney. :) It's so fun to see pictures of your boys.