Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Louisville weather

After I finished reading for the day (a personal best of 15.5 folders today-- 25 essays each), I walked over to a store that someone said had cheap t-shirts (it was a lie-- no t-shirts). On the way back, the sky was starting to look ominous. When I got back to the hotel room, this is the view I found.

There have been tornado warnings on TV this afternoon/evening, I guess. Is this what a tornado sky looks like?

Maybe I'll sleep in the tub.
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Clint Carter said...

I am not a tornado expert however I have seen many episodes of Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel. Did you see any circling cloud formations? If so, it's the beginning of a twister.

Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

That is scary!

Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

Are you still in the bathtub?