Thursday, February 4, 2010

Postage due

When I first saw the 365 project that inspired by little project to do a few new pictures through the year, I had the grand idea that I would get out and find cool shots all around town. Two things have interfered with that plan-- 1) I don't got no time to do that, and 2) it's too darn cold out there anyway.

Happily, there are many, many things to shoot much closer to home (and in the warmth of my own little winter den).

1/8s, f/5.6, ISO: 200, 85 (127) mm
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Clint Carter said...

Humm, to me it looks like a mail box or a cubby for sorting mail for teachers in the teacher's lounge or administrative offices, however, I couldn't find any reference to the owner of the cubbies so I may be wrong.

Clark Draney said...

It's actually at my desk at home. All the stuff I'm always meaning to file, but never quite get done.