Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why November was a bad month for blogging....

I totally stole the title of this post from a posting by my friend and mentor, Mark Brown. His reasons for not blogging much in November are excellent. He sat for his qualifying exams for his P. H. D. (and PASSED!!!) , and he wrote a draft of a freakin' novel--- 50,133 words (apparently relying upon EM Forster's definition of how wordy a thing has to be to be a "novel" and not some other freaky (twice I use this work now) literary thing). Good reasons for laying off the blog thing, neh?

Me? I got no such good excuses. I'm just lame.

So... there you have it. Lameness vs. productivity and intellectual rigor.

On the bright side... I didn't kill any of my children this month (nor last), and I got the tree up on Dec 1 (a record at our house).


Mark Brown said...

Well done on not killing the kids. Always admirable.

Clint Carter said...

I don't even remember what I did in November let alone remember that I didn't kill any of my kids.

Murphy's Freshman Composition Blog said...

I'm just lame too. You haven't seen much MNYAGG action, maybe soon. I don't know if you check my blog, but if not, here's my big news: I resigned the 1/3 of my job that was driving me nuts. I'm applying for an Assistant Prof position at Syracuse University.
That's all I got
Congratulations to Dr. Brown.