Monday, December 7, 2009

First fire

We've live in our cute little house for more than five years and today is the first day I made a fire in the fireplace. The desire for a fire is what happens when the temp dips to -5. Okay, that's an exaggeration. The weather page online said it "felt like" -5. I can verify that it did, indeed, feel like -5. COLD!

So, I rounded up a little wood, vacuumed about an inch of dust (no joke) out of the firebox and built a toasty little fire. So far so good. I even remembered to open the flue so we don't fill the house with smoke.

Then I switched on the blower. Talk about ROAR. What noisy fan! I guess we'll be doing without the blower for now.

Now it remains to be seen if this actually reduces the amount of time the furnace is on.


Clint Carter said...

A fire would feel good right now. Our fireplace has broken bricks in the back so I am a little worried about striking a match to my yule log this year.

Murphy's Freshman Composition Blog said...

Hi Clark,
Sounds cozy, and your post made me stop whining about the cold.

Susan said...

Go with the fire!! Gordon would build a fire in the livingroom fireplace almost every winter morning. We'd all gather there for a few minutes before we went our different ways. I loved the warmth and that little time together. We are in another house now and we MISS the fireplace. It was probably a pain for Gordon but what great memories we made gathering around the fire.