Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time for my monthly post?

Hey all. You know, I think, that once school is in session it is a rare day that I actually do anything with the ole bloggerino. I do regret that. Really.

The news of the week is that I'm half-way done with the weekend Wood Badge course in our council. What is Wood Badge, you ask? Hmmm. Good question. The short answer is that it's training for scout leaders. The longer answer is that it's 6 days of hanging out with other folks who care about what happens to youth, learning gobs of stuff about communication, team building, games, and what it means to be a Scout in the 21st century. It's good stuff, to be sure. I'm happy to be doing it. Weekend #2 is Oct 22, 23, 24. More after that.

The pic is of me with the rocket we built on day 3. Our patrol's (EAGLES!) rocket flew the farthest. No need to mention the howling wind that carried it to the record distance.

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Clint Carter said...

Woodbadge is awesome. For me it was surprisingly spiritual. Go Ravens!