Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great new restaurant in Kimberly

I'm a fan of new things. I like new pencils and notebooks. Newly mown grass makes me feel calm and settled. The breath of a newborn is like aromatic ambrosia. New is, in a word, good.

Keri and I and some friends went out to eat last night (a late birthday celebration). On the recommendation of one of those friends, we tried a new restaurant in Kimberly called the Fire 10 Grill. It's located next to the Kimberly High School on the eastern-most end of that new strip mall (931 Center Street West to be exact). My friend and former neighbor Ben Watson manages. The decor is new, the menu is new, the building is new. Everything is new. It was very, very nice.

I especially like the Chicken Louie I had. It too is something new-- to me anyway. It's grilled or crispy chicken with crab (not krab) and avocado and swiss cheese on a soft bun. I ordered it with onion rings and a coke. It was delicious! Really!

Keri had a chicken, bacon, avocado that she said was very good too, and others in the group raved about their selections, including a burger (the name of which slips my mind) that had all kinds of hot things on it, including jalapeno poppers. If you are into throat scorching, that one sounds rather decadent and delicious.

We finished up the night with some cheesecase, for which we chose a succulent raspberry topping. One piece was big enough to share-- especially after the filling meal that we'd just had.

My only reservation-- a tiny one, really-- is that I wish there'd been a few more onion rings to go with my sandwich. The rings were fresh, crispy, and big, but I want maybe one or two more. I think you can always go for one or two more onion rings, though.

If you live in the Magic Valley, stop in and give it a try. I think you'll be satisfied.

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