Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Draney Camp '09

My brothers and sisters (and I) have taken to calling our annual camping-trip reunion "Draney Camp." The concept may sound boring and lacking in imagination to some, but getting together in the same campground on the same week of the year (basically) every year is a wonderful tradition that our family looks forward to every year.

We hang out, we share meals, we shoot each other with paintballs (some of the guys anyway). We even share a few spiritual thoughts. It's a great thing.

This year I was feeling a bit down because Keri has been mostly out of commission with her back problems. To tell the truth, I was feeling sorry for myself. It was more than a little heartening how my family rallied round to help me feel better. They're a great bunch, those Neola Draneys. Thanks everyone.

We didn't take as many pictures this year, for whatever reason (I think our record was 1,000 + a couple of years ago), but here are a few of the favs that I took. I hope to get some from Dianna soon too.

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