Friday, February 20, 2009

Show me your workspace

If you believe the standard formula for how much rest we need, one third of our lives is spent in bed. I know that I don't always get that much, and I suspect that most of you don't get that much regularly either. Sigh. We do the best we can, right?

The other place we often spend huge chunks of our lives is at work. Love it or hate it, we're there A LOT! With any luck, we can make our workspaces into happy spaces. We might as well, right?

So, show me your work space. Where do you spend those long hours of devotion and dedication? 

Here's mine...

My workspace is happier because of pictures of my kids, interesting art, notes from students (the happy ones), and my music (I don't know if you can spot my iPod lurking in this picture). I also got a nice chair this year that helps my aging back. The dual monitor setup is quite new, too, and makes me happy when I'm working with multiple things at once. 

What I'm not showing you, however, is the huge piles of disorganized books and ungraded papers lurking just out of sight. Showing you that would be embarrassing. 

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