Monday, February 23, 2009

How many days in a row?

What are the things you find yourself needing/wanting to do on a daily basis? I mean, of course, things besides eating & sleeping, which probably come rather naturally enough.

Here's a sampling of stuff I'd like to say I do regularly:

  1. read with the family
  2. build up my family members' self-esteem
  3. exercise
  4. blog (ha!)
  5. read for enrichment
  6. keep in touch with Deity
For many years I've been 30-50% guy in most of those categories (if that good), and I've beaten myself up quite a bit about not doing better. I wonder, though, how much can a person do in any 24 hour period? What is a reasonable goal? How much is too much? 

And yet, aren't all these good things? Laudable things? Essential things?

So... tell me your secrets? How do you get it all done?


Kayla said...

When you figure it all out will you please let me know! :)I struggle with being able to get it all done. It's all or nothing for me sometimes and I want to have more of a balance in my life.

Clint said...

Personal Prayer
Family Dinner
Family Prayer
Some type of reading
mirth and joviality