Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Housing market roller coaster

I started this little blog (I mean when I started doing it regularly) after we'd had our house on the market for a few months, so it kind of never really came up before. In other words, it was old news-- I was tired of worrying about it-- things kind of tanked after we put our house out there (in fact, we joke about causing the mortgage crisis-- the week we put our house up for sale was about the first time I started hearing about people's worries)-- etc. So, I never blogged about it. 

About 4 or 5 weeks ago we decided to take a breather from having it on the market. It'd been 6 weeks or something since the last time anyone looked at it. We'd gotten one or two really (REALLY) low-ball offers and we were sick of the whole thing. I told our agent that we would not be renewing the listing agreement. He was okay with that. In fact, he'd just completed a compartive market analysis that said the value of our house was down some anyway. Yikes!

Here's the funny thing... WAY back when we first listed it, I put it on ForSaleByOwner.com and paid the "list it until it sells" fee rather than going month to month. So, even though we don't have an active MLS listing, you can still find our house "on the market." And... you know where this is going, don't you?... somebody called about the house today. They want to look at it tomorrow. Double yikes!

What do we do now? We want to sell it, but are we ready to buy something else? We thought we were, but now we're kind of past that and hunkering down to wait until next year. What if they make a reasonable offer? Then we'd actually have to figure out what comes next. Triple yikes!

Well... WAY back when... we put this whole think in the Lord's hands. I trust that he is still in charge, if we let him be. We'll try that.


Murphy's New York-a-go-go said...

You have a garage. I'm so jealous! Good luck today.

Clark Draney said...

Thanks for the well wishes, today, Pat. It's a cute little house. With effort, we can even PARK in that garage.