Monday, September 15, 2008


I called the person who came to look at the house last week. It was a short conversation. They're not interested. (sigh) In retrospect (where everything is crystal clear) I could tell that they weren't as enthusiastic when they left as they had been upon arriving. What I wish I knew now is why. Which part of the house turned them off? Was it the one bathroom (in the listing)? the smallish kitchen (there's a picture-- in the listing)? the overall layout (not in the listing, but what can you do)? Perhaps there's not really anything we can change without spending big $$$ that would make a difference to some people.

We did have one potential buyer back in the spring who liked everything. The couple was very eager to have a house that size, in that neighborhood, around the price we were asking. They just couldn't swing the financing. Darn banks are (finally) learning their lesson about lending practices, I guess, and when these folks didn't quite meet the requirements, the bank denied 'em. 

I'm morose. I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach. I'm sad. I'm done for the day.


Patricia Murphy's Freshman Composition Class said...

Oh Clark! I didn't know you had your hopes up. I'm sorry you didn't get a big fat offer. There are just so many houses out there, if Idaho's anything like New York. Cheer up! Make some more bread! I'd recommend buying tights because that's part of what cheered me up, but I suspect that wouldn't have the same appeal for you. I'll try to come up with something funny for you to read on my blog tomorrow, if you're still reading. How's that?
Take Care,

Kayla E said...

My heart sunk reading your post. We had such a hard time selling our house when we lived in WA. It's true the "right" person will love it, but where is the "right" person when you need them? Good luck.

Peetiedy said...

I am sorry. That would just be a knock to the day. I hope that things got better through the day.

Clark Draney said...

I'm feeling quite a bit better today. Thank you everyone. It was a hard way to end the day, but hope spring eternal and we're thinking and feeling optimistically. Thanks!