Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What a lame friend we have in Clark (or apologies to a Michigan poet friend who was trying to make me cool (ish) from a distance)

It's really dumb, probably, but I actually have two blogs. This one is personal (and not in any way associated professionally or by inference or any other link real or imagined with CSI). The other one is professional (where I pretend to be a professional, obviously). The dumber thing is that they have the same name... I think I'm pretty much the most unoriginal guy on the planet.

I was reading some old posts by my Michigan poet friend, Mark Brown, and I found that he had tagged me way last year. How lame am I that I missed it? Way lame, I assure you.

Anyway, here's what he tagged me for:

Four Places I’d Love to Visit:
1. Detroit. to see my friends Mark and Suzanne (not to mention their too-darn-grown-up daughters).
2. Whiterock Canyon (Uintah Mountains, Utah. Site of our annual "Draney Camp"). We go there every year, but gas prices are making me wonder if we'll get there this year.
3. The inside of a B-17. and go flying, of course.
4. Holland, with Keri. Again.

Four Things I Covet:
1. Mark Brown's sense of style. (No, seriously. Everything he does reeks of class.)
2. Automatic sprinklers.
3. That guy at the boy's ball game-- his Nikon D300 and that HUGE lens.
4. Dianna's sense of who her kids are and how to nurture them

4 Goals I Have:
1. Blog "daily" for a while
2. Pay off debt.
3. Be less critical of everyone.
4. See all my boys go on missions and marry in the temple. Catie is another matter altogether, of course.

4 Fads I Wish Would Pass:
1. Square sunglasses.
2. Lowrider pants (on either gender).
3. Reality shows (except Extreme Makeover Home Edition-- which we should be on).
4. Rice-burners with more amp power than horsepower (both of which exceed the drivers' brainpower, apparently).

4 Delights:
1. Chili Lime sunflower seeds (Spitz brand)
2. Going back to sleep after shutting off the alarm.
3. Cameron's laugh.
4. Colton's "Daddy"

4 Regrets:
That I am:
1. Too impatient
2. Too critical (see above)
3. Too slow to forgive.
4. Too critical (see above and above)

4 Things I Wish I Could Do More Often:
1. See my extended family (mostly in Utah) more often.
2. See stage productions (musicals, opera, etc.)
3. Go out to eat with JUST Keri
4. Paintball with my brothers.

4 Things That I Never Would Have Imagined Would Happen to Me:
1. Live in Idaho. (I don't have a thing against Idaho. In fact, I spent my summers in Idaho when I was growing up, and I loved it. I just thought I'd live right there "at home" in Utah. Idaho is home now, though.)
2. ?? My life is too predictable, I guess.


Suzy said...

Hi Clark!
Glad to see you're (re?) joining the blog world. You and Keri are welcome in Detroit anytime! I noticed the pic of Catie at the bottom of your blog. I can't believe she's a toddler now! Tell Keri I said hello!

Take care,

Clark Draney said...

Nice to hear from you, Suzanne. We miss you guys terribly. If we can possibly manage it, we want to visit my brother in Columbus, OH. That's not too far from you, I understand. We may take you up on the offer.