Monday, July 14, 2008

Twin Falls Temple - Open House underway

The temple open house began last Friday. It is, like all temples, an exceptionally beautiful building. There several, places, online to see pictures, but above is one I took last night as we strolled around the temple grounds with our friends Jay and Gina Sneddon.

I, for one, am looking forward to regular temple time. Boise isn't so far away, really, but the quickest you can do a session is about 6 hours (and that is pushing it). Say 7+ hours is more reasonable. Not many babysitters will take 5 kids for that long. And if they do, it runs in to big $$. Anyway, the Twin Falls temple is like 3 minutes away from our house. I can run up in the morning to do a session before work. Keri can squeeze one in on a Saturday morning. We can go together for a date night. That'll be nice.

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