Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm a follower (sometimes)

I think I care too much about what other people think. Actually, I KNOW I care too much about that. Perhaps that tendency is also related to the tendency I have to do what other people do--to follow. Instead of fearing God more than man, I often let my fear of what others will think or say influence me to do dumb things. And as a friend of mine at the Redwood Center pharmacy used to say, Don't Do No Dumb Stuff (DDNDS). But I do anyway. I do.

So.. there's this craze you may have heard about. . . blodding, or flogging, or something. I'll have to give it a try some time. Apparently a few people are doing it.

Here's something that my friend Mark Brown did the other day. Sounds fun:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Our second child, Joshua, had just been born. In fact, he was born during finals week of the Spring quarter and I missed the final exam in Wilfred David Samuels class. He let me make it up. Cameron was born during finals week of Spring SEMESTER three years later when I was in Wilfred David Samuels graduate class. He let me make that one up too. Cameron's middle name is David, after him.
I was also all-but-done with my BA ten years ago. I had just one more class to complete, which I did a whole year later.

2. Five things on my to-do list.
Clean and re-stain the deck
Clean my office.
Drop off some pictures to a client.
Finish my talk for Sunday.
Get ready for the 11-year-old camp on Friday.

3. What snacks do I enjoy?
Pretzels and chocolate, preferably together.

4. What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire?
Get out of debt.
Get my family members out of debt.
Buy a farm and put my kids to work on it.
Buy a Mini-Cooper.

5. Three bad habits.
Putting stuff off...

6. Three places I've lived.
Neola, Utah
Los Alcarrizos, Santo Domingo
Pocatello, Idaho

7. Jobs I've had.
Courtesy clerk (glorified name for bagger/stacker/hauler/lackey) at Stewarts Thriftway in Roosevelt, Utah
Air Sorter at UPS, Salt Lake City
Computer/electronic rentals for my Uncle Kirk, Salt Lake City

8. Things people don't know about me.
I've been pulled over for drunk driving (you guess whether I was really drunk or not)
I'm a certified pharmacy technician (or I was-- my certification has lapsed, no doubt)
I taught swimming lessons and water safety for several years.

9. Five people to tag with this.
Nobody is going to read this. No tagging, therefore.

See... I'm a follower. Mark did it, so I have to.

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