Friday, March 1, 2013

31 days - day 1

I admire photographers who tackle 365 projects. I've not quite gotten up the nerve to commit to such a thing (too many expectations or something), but I believe that pushing yourself to take one picture per day for an entire year is a good motivation to be creative... to do something different than you normally do.

I don't have the gumption to do a whole year's worth of daily photographs... at least not at the moment. And yet, I've kind of stagnated of late... both in terms of photography and in terms of overall creativity. I've felt the need to do something...anything... to "see" the world again.

A couple of years ago a group of friends (including me) committed to taking a photo a week on a monthly theme. That held my attention for quite awhile, but it eventually collapsed under the weight of even those mild expectations (or fizzled in the face of the deluge of other responsibilities... or whatever other lame metaphor you can conjure up). 

Last night as I was tidying up the living room, I found the hot-shoe protector, that I thought was lost, tucked up on a shelf. Somehow, that welcome little discovery (they only cost a buck or two, but who wants the hassle of ordering such a small, non-exciting thing on ebay or Amazon or whatever) suddenly seemed like a talisman for my passion for photography. I dragged out the old D90 to replace the protector, and rather than stashing it back on the closet shelf, I left it sitting on my nightstand. Half formed in my mind was the idea of doing something... anything... to "see" the world again.

Even though I had a PILE of stuff to bring to work today, I slung (slinged?) the D90 over my shoulder with the resolve to take some pictures on campus. After nuking my leftover spaghetti  and slugging down a Diet Coke, I announced my intentions to my office mate and headed out the door. Good-natured and supportive fellow that he is, he agreed that it was a good idea. 

So... here I go... promising something that I may very well renege on in just a few days' time. I'm going to take one picture every day in March. Often on campus (because that's where I spend SOOO much of my time), and sometimes from home (where I hope to spend more time than I do), and perhaps occasionally from some other weird place. Thirty one photographs of something... anything... 

... my view of the world. 

Here's day one:

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